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2nd JUNE 2024

The Pavia Motorboat Association in collaboration with the Venice Motorboat Association, organize, under the aegis of the Italian Motorboat Federation, the 71th edition of the RAID Pavia-Venezia, which will take place on Sunday 2 June 2024, with departure from Pavia and arrival in Brondolo-Chioggia – Venice on the same day.
Subscriptions are available at this online formIMPORTANT: in order to complete the procedure you must attach the bank transfer receipt: IBAN, amount and other specifications can be found in the table below.
Official rules can be downloaded here.

Boats allowed.

  • Racing boats Specialties Circuit Catamarans Formula and all racing categories over 5000 cc built after 1990

  • Pleasure boats – up to 9 meters -, whose cruising speed is not less than 60 km / hour with a power-to-weight ratio equal to:

RATIOHorse Power (example)Dry Weight of Boat
3 a 1Cv 200Weight above 600 kg.
4 a 1Cv 200Weight above 800 kg
5 a 1Cv 200Weight above 1000 kg
6 a 1Cv 200Weight above 1200 kg
7 a 1Cv 200Weight above 1400 kg
8 a 1Cv 200Weight above 1600 kG
  • Offshore – Class 3

  • Endurance Group B – all categories

  • Jet skis – Endurance

  • Historic Racers – Classes 2000 cc – 2500 cc

  • Water skiers – speed

  • Air propeller Boats

Race Route:

1° timed routePavia – Isola Serafini (PC)Km. 97
timed routeIsola Serafini – Boretto Po (RE)Km. 133
timed routeBoretto Po – Voltagrimana (RO)KM. 134
TransferVoltagrimana – Brondolo/ChioggiaKM. 20
TransferBrondolo – VeneziaKM. 29

The Teo Rossi di Montelera cup, It is awarded to the competitor who in the 55 km long “Revere-Pontelagoscuro” timed section will have reached the highest average speed. It is a perpetual award established in the memory of Count Teo Rossi di Montelera who participated in various editions of the Raid Pavia Venezia. The original Trophy is kept at the headquarters of the Pavia Motorboat Association. The name of the winner of each vintage will be inscribed on its base.

Vincenzo Balsamo Trophy, established by the F.I.M., it is dedicated to the memory of the Great Pioneer and first creator of the Pavia-Venice Raid. The Trophy is perpetual and is awarded every year to the driver who has completed the Raid course and who will have been classified with an average above the best obtained for his category and class in the previous Raids starting from the 30th Raid.

The original Trophy is kept at the headquarters of the F.I.M .; the name of the winner of each year will be written on its base by the custodian.

The winner will be given a smaller version replica of Trophy.


The registration fees for the Raid Pavia-Venice are:

  before 31.1.2024After the 31.1.2024
Team (boat+pilot) € 400,00 € 500,00
Endurance Jet Ski C.I. € 350,00 € 450,00

Payment of the REGISTRATION FEE must be completed before the registration entry in order to attach the receipt of the bank transfer to online form

IBAN: IT 25 R030 6911 3361 0000 0009 190 – BIC: BCITITMMXXX
Beneficiary: Associazione Sportiva AMP-ASD
Motive: RAID 2024 – your name

Registration in the RAID provides for:

  • Coverage of radio and telephone connections for assistance along the route
  • Hauling at departure and arrival
  • Medical coverage, Ambulances and Firefighting at the departure, Serafini Island, Boretto, Volta Grimana and upon arrival
  • Night surveillance in the Alaggi Park in Pavia Address
  • GPS monitoring system based on ANDROID mobile phones. Each crew MUST BE equipped with an ANDROID phone and power bank or 12V connection in order to guarantee the charge for the entire race. 4G data SIM up and running.
  • Hydrocartography of the route
  • Race documentation and logistics assistance centers
  • Gifts and Gadgets provided on Check-In in Pavia
  • Welcome cocktail at the end of the Drivers’ Meeting – Saturday before the race at the A.M.P. Pavia
  • Class prizes up to 3rd classified
  • Special prizes and trophies for the Raid winners
  • Raid General Classification Awards, until they are exhausted, made available by Bodies – Associations etc.
  • Award ceremony at the arrival

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or decline entries received after the set deadline.

For each crew, during the registration phase, the cell phone numbers of the drivers and collaborators must be communicated to the Race Secretariat on PENALTY OF EXCLUSION FROM REGISTRATION.

The regulation may undergo changes which will be published before the start of registration.


Positions and dimensions as required by the F.I.M. and U.I.M

The Race Number of each competitor will be the Number assigned by the F.I.M. o U.I.M. for the current year.

The Organizing Committee will assign the race number to the competitors who have not been assigned a number by the F.I.M. o U.I.M.

In case of the presence of the same numbers, or unavailable due to registrations already registered, the Race number will be assigned by the Organizing Committee in agreement with the driver.